The Russians have a word that describes the close relationship and interplay between learning and teaching.

That word is obuchenie.

If I have this right, the word describes the developmental output of the process of teaching and learning. Or, if you like, a word to describe both sides of a two-way process. In simpler terms, not only do students develop, but the ones in charge teaching them also develop… as they develop the student’s minds, their progress and ultimate betterment.

It’s a sort of ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ kind of thinking.

So, (if I haven’t lost you already) the term is a neat way to begin to describe the frustration I have of observing over two decades a fascinating lack of higher order development, learning and progress within the financial sector.

There is very little obucheniegoing on, comrades!

With industry change evident at every turn, legislators doubling down on higher standards, seeking to prosecute a case for higher educational, ethical, cultural and behavioural standards of finance sector participants, isn’t it time the sector took the hint?

Reluctance or denial that change is inevitable (and part of a long-term, slow burn continuum) simply renders obsolescence in your business model. It also implies that, after the past few decades of obstructionist thinking the major players in our sector truly have a serious learning difficulty.

Yes, vertical integration has become vertical disintegration. It was obvious from the beginning that the model would self-implode.

Embracing change, seeking the benefits of higher development, finding synergies based on the new way that will emerge out of this 2018 watershed year of change, may just work. Obuchenie!!

Communicating your engagement with these principles is both the opportunity and the challenge. Yes, there will be a first mover advantage. But you want to first get the message right.

The video we put together here comes after an exhilarating  period for our firm developing companies with the right attitude to embrace change.

Whether on the stand at the Hayne Royal Commission (yes, we helped the good guys get their messages straight) through to simply amplifying the emerging work of a best-of-breed fintech client, or the new mutual insurer handing back profits to its members, not shareholders, or the listed accounting firm re-setting the national agenda for unconflicted advice models, we are proud of our work and want to do more with the right firms, for the right reasons.