Mental Health Month at Madden: Natasha Lim, Account Executive



In 1992 the World Federation for Mental Health first recognised Mental Health Day. Now, 30 years on, October is celebrated in NSW as Mental Health Month.

To encourage each other to think about our mental health we spoke to the Madden team. Our second post is with our Account Executive, Natasha Lim. Here are some of her insights:

What does mindfulness mean to you? Mindfulness means coming back to my breath and bringing awareness to my surroundings. Its finding a moment to be present, away from our racing thoughts.

How could we practice more mindfulness at work/in our day-to-day? We could practice more mindfulness at work and in our day-to-day by observing our thoughts, actively listening and being attentive to how we are taking care of ourselves (rest, food/caffeine intake and how we speak to ourselves!). When I’m working from home, I love to squeeze in a quick meditation but when I’m in the office I also love a walk in Hyde Park during my lunch break.

What’s your go to routine for when you’re feeling overwhelmed/stressed? I would deal with feelings of overwhelm and stress by either coming back to my breath, going for a walk, having a glass of water, sitting in the sun and/or just taking in fresh air. I would then ask myself what I can focus on right now, what has the highest priority and what would be quickest to complete.

How does Madden embrace a positive culture which supports our wellbeing? Madden embraces a positive culture which supports our wellbeing through our fortnightly 1:1 catch ups which provides us with an opportunity to discuss our progress and develop professionally.


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