Done well, and worth doing - here are a few of our recent successes

"PPS Mutual is on a growth trajectory in Australia to emulate the long-term success of PPS South Africa. The team, led by Bruce Madden, delivers valued services across digital and traditional media, content, strategic positioning and tactical PR capability. We are delighted to be growing our firm guided by the strong counsel of M&A."

Michael Pillemer, CEO, PPS Mutual

"InPayTech Limited successfully listed on the ASX in December 2016. Effective communication led by Madden was pivotal to the success of the float. We continue working with the M&A team for ongoing communication services as our business expands in Australia and overseas."

Don Sharp: Executive Chairman InPayTech Limited (ASX: IP1)

"M&A is trusted counsel and key business partner to the Fitzpatricks Financial Group. Bruce Madden and the team provide consistently high value to our media and communication functions and are trusted advisers to the Group Executive. I highly recommend the media services provided by M&A."

Colin Bold, Head of Marketing, Fitzpatricks Financial Group

This is what we’ve achieved for other brands. Let’s discuss what we can do for you.