A Day in the Madden Life: Penne, Sales and Marketing Director



What’s your morning routine? Do you have a WFH routine?

My cherubs are a wonderful handful, so most mornings consist of breaking the family’s fast and making sure lunch boxes, drink bottles and hats aren’t left at home. Then we all bundle into the car and off we go for our multi-school drop-off.

This is where some strategic planning becomes a necessity. The pandemic allowed for flexible working which suits me perfectly as a mother, balancing a blended family of six kids. So, it’s important to find that perfect balance between work and family life.

Once home or in our city office, I take a deep breath and grab a cup of T2 Earl Grey tea and a large bottle of water to ensure hydration throughout the day.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Right now, I am focused on the sales and servicing of the unique Madden Media Training offer. These tailored training sessions are geared towards Madden C-suite and corporate clients, aiming to ensure our clients have the skills, confidence and practice techniques to deliver messages that matter, where and when the moment strikes!

Our lead trainer is Executive Director Bruce Madden, and his unique approach with clients drives a lot of referral business – the training is regarded consistently as some of the best professional development they have encountered. This makes my job a little easier because the feedback from happy clients is the best sales tool you can imagine.

For me, client relations and relationship building are my strength and happy place. I love working with clients to understand their needs, tailor a programme and always deliver so that their messaging and story can shine.

Could you talk about the latest thing you’re working on that excites you?

The team is currently working on upgrading the Madden website and incorporating some of the lovely, heartfelt, and genuine feedback from our wonderful clients. This has given me another opportunity to think about new markets, new clients, and new adventures for the firm.

 What’s your number one rule?

Say what is in your heart and do what you say. Trust and Integrity are everything.

If you’re interested in joining the Madden & Assoc. team, we have some positions open (link here) for more information please contact info@madden.com.au

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