A Day in the Madden Life: Taryn, Senior Account Manager  



What’s your morning routine? Do you have a WFH routine?  

I’m an early bird, so a few days a week, I’m outside at the park training; my Madden teammates think I’m insane, but I love it. It’s so important to find a workout that you enjoy. I’m a Melbourne native, so I’m lapping up the warm Sydney weather.  

Once I’m home, I start the day scanning headlines in The Australian and The Australian Financial Review, looking for opportunities I can leverage with clients. My commute is listening to the business podcast Fear and Greed (I love the banter between hosts Sean Alymer and Michael Thompson), while checking emails and reviewing my calendar for the day. 

I WFH about two days a week, although it varies as we’re a hybrid agency. If I’m WFH, I try to get a few things ticked off like laundry, tidying up, and a walk around Centennial Park with a coffee.   

What does a typical day look like for you?  

As the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life!  

Today the team is facilitating a media event. It’s great to be back meeting clients and journalists in person again. Emails and video calls are great, but you still need to get in a room sometimes (as long as everyone is well!). 

From meeting with journalists to potential clients or devising a strategy for a visiting spokesperson – the variety keeps me engaged. I also love working with our junior team members helping them to learn and develop – so that they can become the best consultants they can be in the areas they are most passionate about.

Could you talk about the latest thing you’re working on that excites you?  

Next week I’m flying to Melbourne to hear my client deliver the international keynote alongside federal treasurer Jim Chalmers. It’s a high-profile event that has been weeks in the making for my client – nothing gets me more excited than seeing everything come together.  

As a financial services agency, we also receive a lot of commentary from leading economists and thinkers in the space. I’ve always been a bit of an economics nerd (specifically listening to NPR’s podcast Freakonomics) so reviewing that type of content for clients for media opportunities in Australia keeps me engaged and my brain ticking. 

What’s your number one rule?  

I believe in the 7P’s (Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents P*ss Poor Performance). Although you can’t anticipate everything in life, in PR, we often get spanners thrown in the works at the last minute.  

If you’re interested in joining the Madden & Assoc. team, we have some positions open (link here) for more information, please contact info@madden.com.au 

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