Mental Health Month at Madden: Mary Ann, Account Coordinator



In 1992 the World Federation for Mental Health first recognised Mental Health Day. Now, 30 years on, October is celebrated in NSW as Mental Health Month.

To encourage each other to think about our mental health we spoke to the Madden team. Our fourth post is with our Account Coordinator, Mary Ann. Here are some of her insights:

What does mindfulness mean to you?

Mindfulness to me means slowing down, both in my actions and my thoughts and trying to focus on what simple sensations I am experiencing in the present moment. Taking a moment to centre myself and rid my mind of anxieties about the past or future, helps me to think clearly about what I can proactively be doing right now to make my day as productive and positive as possible.

How could we practice more mindfulness at work/in our day-to-day?

Making a plan but then not sticking to it is something that I am very guilty of falling into the trap of. However, I want to make more of an effort to start planning out my day and scheduling in moments of mindfulness as if they are as important as any other appointment in my diary, so that it remains a priority. Whether it be a 5 minute meditation, a walk or just listening to some relaxing music, making sure these small activities get done will help build greater focus for larger tasks that need to be completed throughout the day.

Further to this, I find that often my phone can become the enemy of mindfulness practice. The buzz from a notification, even when my phone is on silent, so quickly draws my attention away from what I am currently working on. I have found that when I put my phone onto ‘do not disturb’ whilst working, and schedule in times throughout the day to check messages and social media rather than just picking it up sporadically, I can get through work tasks a lot quicker and I feel a lot more organised.

What’s your go to routine for when you’re feeling overwhelmed/stressed?

For me, exercise is the number one thing that is guaranteed to calm me down and clear my mind. Whether it be going for a walk, run or a surf – being outdoors really calms me down. Also, I always find the post workout endorphins give me a great boost of energy and are guaranteed to leave me in a positive headspace.

Also, as someone who is an absolute beach lover, if I’m at work and not able to get outside even just playing relaxing beach sounds through a mindfulness app like Calm for a couple of minutes can be really helpful when I feel myself becoming stressed.

How does Madden embrace a positive culture which supports our wellbeing?

Working in a smaller agency, you get to know everyone quite well relatively quickly, creating a tight-knit, supportive team. Doing professional development sessions such as taking the DISC personality test and sharing results was a great way to learn more about each other’s working styles and how we can best support one another’s wellbeing in a way that suits them.


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