Mental Health Month at Madden: Natasha, Senior Account Manager



In 1992 the World Federation for Mental Health first recognised Mental Health Day. Now, 30 years on, October is celebrated in NSW as Mental Health Month.

To encourage each other to think about our mental health we spoke to the Madden team. Our fifth post is with our Senior Account Manager, Natasha. Here are some of her insights:

What does mindfulness mean to you?

For me, it’s about being intentional – whether prioritising tasks for the workday or deciding what to eat for dinner. It can be easy to fall into the trap of working on whatever has just popped into your inbox or eating whatever you feel like eating in that moment, and I have been guilty of all the above. Making intentional choices helps get me out of that trap.

How could we practice more mindfulness at work/in our day-to-day?

What helps me is having a plan. Bullet journaling, weekly planners, to-do lists and apps – the list goes on. Whether you’re a pen-and-paper person or prefer digital services like Notion or Milanote – I like a combination of both – making a plan and trying to stick to it throughout the day is what I’ve found to be most helpful.

What’s your go to routine for when you’re feeling overwhelmed/stressed?

A change of scenery is always helpful – get up and stretch, look out the window, take a walk – anything to break up that pattern. My Fitbit’s mindfulness and guided breathing functions have come in surprisingly handy. I have also been known to pull up a 10 or 15-minute yoga video on particularly stressful days!

How does Madden embrace a positive culture which supports our wellbeing?

The flexibility, trust and understanding we have for each other as a team is a huge part of this. On a day-to-day basis we operate as a team to support one another and achieve that balance. This is all complemented by initiatives like birthday leave, Summer Fridays, and team dinners which are the cherry on top!


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